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Blazar by Digital Dynamite [web]


         A demo by  Digital Dynamite

* Credits

BoyC       - Code, Visuals
Beta Tribe - Music

* About

Created  with  apEx,  the  latest  Conspiracy

Requires DirectX 11  and a strong video card.

It's  been  more than  13 years since I  last
sat down to create a  full fledged demo on my
own.  I'm  a  bit   rusty,  working  with  an 
awesome  graphician  has  made me forget  the
dread  that  sitting  in front  of  an  empty 
timeline can cause :)
This was  great fun to  make, hope  you enjoy
it as much too!

HUGE  thanks go out  to Reptile/Astroidea for
"That One Shader" and  Zoom of course for the
help with all those pretty colors.

* Extra Greets
Maugli and Metoikos, thanks for the help :)
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