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The Signal

The Signal - 4k for Flashback 2014

Music/Code/GFX by Squeakyneb

    - Crinkler by Loonies & TBC
    - Clinkster by Loonies
    - OGL Shader 4k Framework by iq

Greets to Loonies, TBC and iq for releasing the tools that made this possible. More greets to iq/Beautypi for making ShaderToy.com (my prototyping tool) and again to iq for all the stuff he's written and posted about raymarching, shaders, distance functions, etc. which amount to 90% of what I had to learn to write this intro.

Greets to Voltage, Defame, Onslaught, Jimage, cTrix, Aday, iLKke, Animal Bro, Chainsaw Police, everyone who hangs out in #auscene and #revision on IRCnet, Drift, Mudlord, all my friends (new and old) at Flashback and double greets to the party organisers/running crews that make this all possible. Also double greets to anyone whose names I've forgotten (sorry).

If you want this intro recompiled for a different resolution, annoy me on IRCnet (or go looking for the source code and do it yourself, I  plan to release it all soon).
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