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zooi.com by Image!

After NOT finishing my 3dfx-hardware-demo, and my last-minute 4kb
intro, I was pretty disappointed. I had to release SOMETHING, so here it is.
My contribution for the Takeover'98 Surprise compo:

The ultimate...  'Zooi'..				By Cypher / iMAGE!

Description of the parts:

1) Background:
	Simple cos/sin plasma (70 bytes)
2) Landscape:
	Voxel landscape, madelbrot used as heightmap
3) Fractal:
	Rotating fractal (Mandelbrot took 180 bytes, rotating +/- 100?)
4)  Thingy:
	SMOOTH-Scrolling pink thingy.. (Should actually be noise)


* Cosinus and sinus table took 20 bytes for calculating!
* Palette was made using the cosinus tables..
* Voxel was actually FyR's code, but was incredibly modified (for size AND
   for speed reasons).
* Intro runs smoothly on my dual P-II 266, so, I guess that should be no

Thanks to The Russian for helping me with some OBVIOUS size-optimizations!

En dat was 't....

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