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Abduction '97 Invitation by Deepheep Entertainment

       final (hopefully) version of Abduction'67 invitation intro

                       detoo - jarkko mouruj„rvi
                          vinyl - aake otsala

note some things:

- vbe2 support not guaranteed to work. must find some freaky display
  adapters to play with. practically no beta-test done, except on couple
  of s3 trios.

- might crash on some systems, due to bug in watcom's free() function.
  sorry, cannot be fixed until i get v10.6. running under himem only
  seems to help sometimes though (=no page faults, might still crash

           hatemail about slow code to detoo: jarkkom@usa.net

                  pmode/w by c. scheffold and t. pytel
          midas sound system by p. kangaslampi and j. paananen

   ps. type abd97inv.exe /just-some-crap-here for manual sound setup
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