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Cache '98 Spring Invitation by Unicorn & Astral [web]

                          C A C H E ' 9 8   S P R I N G
                                  = The Clean =

 Code:   RoBSoN of Astral
 Gfx:    Dido and RoBSoN of Astral
 Music:  Nothingman (Sherlock) of Astral
 Design: Antonius Blokk of Unicorn
 Music system: Sahara surfers (MIDAS SOUND SYSTEM)

 To run intro required:
 386 SX 25 or Better
 VGA video card
 SB/GUS/PAS or Nosound
 If you have SB required EMS!

 It's a fast invitation intro, it's coded about 3 days.
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