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It's a girl 2 by Paradox [web]

                                            ____        ____ ____
        ____       ____          ____    __/_  /____   /   //   /
       /   /__  __/_  / ____  __/_  / __/_  /_// __/_ /___//___/
     _/___/  / /   /_/ /   / /   /_/ /   /_/  /_/   / __/_ _/__
    /   /___/ /___/   /___/ /___/   /___/      /___/ /   //   /
   /___/                                            /___//___/
 -   -   -  - - - -- --- ---- ----------< paradox >--- -- -  -   -

  Finally ...
    Paradox presents
      it's a girl 2
        to celebrate the birth of 505's daughter
          presented first at SillyVenture 2013
            in greyscales ... (which was unintended)

    An Atari STE or MegaSTE with at least 2 MB of free RAM
    a colour monitor and a double density disk drive.

  Tested on:
    Atari MegaSTE4, 16MHz Cache On/16MHz Cache off/8MHz
    Hatari emulating a 1040 STE at 8MHz with 2 MB RAM
  Will not work on:
    Atari TT (as this has no BLiTTER)
    Atari Falcon030 (due to RA's multi-colour mode)
    Atari ST (no BLiTTER, no DMA-Sound, no 4096 colours)

  The effects in detail:
    1-Bitplane rotozoomer
    Even though this consists of generated code, it's a
    tad slower than what we had hoped
    Music:    Dma-Sc of Sector One
    Graphics: Dan (8-colour conversion by The Paranoid)
    Code:     The Paranoid
    Linear interpolative zoomer
    Recycled code, still haven't seen anyone else doing
    this on an ST(E)
    Music:    Dma-Sc of Sector One
    Graphics: Dan
    Code:     The Paranoid
    3D Cubes
    Actually, these are texture mapped and shaded cubes
    being moved over the screen using the BLiTTER of course
    Music:     Dma-Sc of Sector One
    Graphics:  Dan (background), The Paranoid (Cubes)
    Code:      The Paranoid
    Not used in the version shown on the party due to
    integration problems we failed to solve during our
    hotel coding session ...
    Music:     Dma-Sc of Sector One
    Graphics:  Dan (converted using Zerkman's great MPP)
    Code:      RA (60Hz viewer), The Paranoid (fade in/out)
    Bob Scroller
    Mono-Colour-Mode with a resolution of 336x224 pixels in
    60Hz. It's simulating 121 scales using blending and
    dithering techniques. The scroller consists of 11 fully
    masked 4-plane bobs with a size of 32x32 each.
    Music:     Dma-Sc of Sector One
    Graphics:  Unknown (converted by RA)
    Font:      Daniel Guldkrans (converted by RA)
    Code:      RA
    As usual, we'd like to mention that
      The demo engine is based on the one by Evil of DHS,
      the music is played using gwEm of the P.H.F's maxYMiser,
      the c2p-techniques are based on the work of Scy, Llama,
      Dynacore of .tSCc., Kalms of TBL and Ultra of Orb.

  The story behind it
    2013 was a busy year regarding non-demo-activities for
    Paradox and that was crowned early in the year already by
    the birth of 505's daughter.
    And we didn't even celebrate that with a little intro ?!
    No way. So we secretly started to work on a little intro
    for SillyVenture 2013 where 505 would be and asked Dma-Sc
    to provide some music. 

    Needless to say, things went wrong.
    My Falcon corrupted the source file just before copying
    it over to my laptop - it never did anything like that
    before - so i had to rewrite parts of the code built from
    an outdated backup in the middle of the night.
    The partyplace in Gdansk was pretty cool but not the ideal
    location to integrate RA's clock-cycle-exact code so we
    went for an extensive session of hotel coding, managed to
    integrate RA's multigreyscale overscan scroller but failed
    to integrate the multicolour displayer.
    Which wouldn't have changed much because the demo was only
    being displayed in shady scales of grey on the beamer, just
    like 2011.
    We ranked a whopping 7th of 7.
    After having returned from the party, RA took over and
    started to assemble all effects in his demo-engine. But
    real life duties, illness and a lot of complications kept
    popping up so he gave up after about 4 weeks.
    But things aren't all bad: 505 was pretty surprised - in a
    positive way - and the audience cheered and applauded as it
    read of the birth of his daughter.
    So in the end, we achieved our goal AND participated in the
    coolest and most intense Atari-only-competition since Error
    In Line.
    And after RA gave up, the Paranoid retried to isolate what
    went wrong the first time and after a few nights of digging
    in RA's clock-cycle-exact code, the problem was found and
    So here it is: It's a girl 2!
    The way it was meant to be shown on the SillyVenture 2013.
    Congratulations, 505 and Beate.
    And all the best for little Ida.
  The so famous Paradox FAQs:
  ? It doesn't run properly in my emulator so it sucks.
  ! It probably doesn't, but we can't help it. It runs fine
    on the original machine(s) it was intended to run on.
    Please complain to your emulator provider.

  ? It doesn't run on my CT60 so it sucks.
  ! Well, the CT60 doesn't like extensive BLiTTER arrangements
    and also, please note that ...           
  ? It doesn't run properly on my Falcon so it sucks.
  ! ... because of RA's clock-cycle-synchronised multi-color
    mode and his overscan greyscale code. It's literally STE
    only this time.
  ? It requires 2MB of RAM so it sucks.
  ! Actually, it does. We could make it run on 1MB but that
    would require us to pack a lot of data, load in between
    and invest a lot of effort which doesn't pay out:
    SillyVenture compo rules allowed 4MB of RAM explicitely.
  ? I've read you're irrelevant on the web so it sucks.
  ! Yes, we're still surprised about that, too, but relevant
    people have declared us irrelevant and as they claimed to
    be "experts on the matter", who are we to protest ...

  The Paranoid of Paradox                2013
  Alive on a dead machine ... that's Paradox!

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