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PA!NT 16b

 this is a "PA!NT" , a 16Byte DOS Demo
 written with NASM 
 it is tested with DOSBox 0.74
 if you use it, don't forget to trap the mouse
 in the DOSBox with CTRL + F10
 with two mouse buttons and a mouse wheel you
 are able to paint with up to seven colors
 left 					= blue
 right 					= green
 wheel 					= red
 left + right 			= cyan
 left + wheel 			= magenta
 right + wheel 			= brown
 left + right + wheel 	= white
 i didn't test a mouse with more buttons
 go ahead and try one, might be fun =)
 also, yes, if you don't press any mouse buttons
 you will paint "black" =(
 feel free to modify and improve "PA!NT" :)
 contact me if you like : https://www.facebook.com/mood.hell
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