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The Tabernacle by Brainstorm [web]

.: the tabernacle
   a brainstorm demo for
   function 2013
   in budapest,
   hungary :.

.: i was given no choice;

   again, this light cuts deep

   reveals the dust and the scars 
   burns the milk-white skin
   and yet leaves no visible traces
   just like the dance 
   and the steps not taken :.
.: preacher made the visuals
   except for the ground texture
   that is from someplace on the
   internet, can't remember. sorry. 
   it's loaded by openil. 
   glxblt made the sound 
   that is played by fmod
   kenët is responsible for the 
   typography that is used for
   important things.
   there is also glew. 
   and many feelings that cannot
   be put properly into words :.
.: http://brainstorm.untergrund.net :.
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