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Wishful Twisting by Fnuque [web] & Loonies [web] & TBC

Wishful trilogy part three, entitled

Wishful Twisting

a 4k intro presented to you by Fnuque, Loonies and TBC

Blueberry: Engine, synth, Tool
Mentor: Visuals
Punqtured: Music

Best enjoyed in 60 fps. YouTube is garbage!

- Up-to-date DirectX runtime (d3dx9_42.dll)
- Shader model 2.0 or better
- A powerful CPU
- Decent fill rate (lots of alpha blending going on)

The intro reads its resolution from the filename,
so if your preferred resolution is not listed, just
rename the executable accordingly. The intro assumes
a 16:9 aspect, so 1280x1024 might look a bit weird...

Greetings to everybody at Oodledoo 2013
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