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monkeyLover by Catalyst of Design [web]

	      _________            _____
	     /        /           /     \
	    /   _____/  ______   /       \
	   /   /____   /     /  /        |
	  /        /  /     /  /        /
	 /________/  /_____/  /________/
	 catalyst      of        design


       M o n k e y     L o v e r
          (a technology demo)

|talsit     : code, dzn  : talsit@talsit.org
|spite      : gfx        : jsanchez@comunix98.com
|jull       : gfx        : jull@gargore.com
|tessa      : gfx        : tessa_gear@yahoo.se
|silverback : muz        : ----

|openGL stuff

|email : talsit@talsit.org
|url   : http://talsit.org/CoD

|It started a long time ago, way over a year ago. caosGL
|is the name of my demosystem, and it started it's actual
|re-encarnation on the 18th of jan, 2001. caosGL stands
|for Computer Animation Operating System Graphics Library
|which is a load of bullshit except that is sounds nice,
|which is what really counts.
|After programming on-off for the past year and a half, I
|finally got to the point where I said: "Ok, it's finished,
|now what?".
|The next logical step was to make a demo. But I didn't
|really know what the system was capable of, so I've made
|this "technology demo", which is really just a practical
|demostration of what my system can and can't do. So I
||got a piece of music that I liked, and started hacking.
|I've had fun doing this, I've learnt a lot, I've learnt a
|lot of things that I shouldn't do (a lot which are still
|in the demo).
|It is my first production, and I am very proud of the end
|Thank you to all those people and things that made it
|visualc++, openGL, stl, bass, tinyxml, zip(Jare),
|nehe tutorial, osg(example), tesla(jpgLoading),
|help(jare,ithaqua,evan,micro,jcl), photoshop,
|maya, soundforge.
|Thank you to all those who inspired me:
|3pixels, addict, anaconda, asd, calodox, centosis,
|chanka, concept, disaster area, exceed, farbraush,
|future crew, fuzzion, glue, hansa, haujobb, iguana,
|mfx, orion, purple, rgba, satori, savage, solstice,
|stravaganza, sunflower, tbl, tdr, threestate, tlotb,
|tpolm, unknown, zonan.
|And of course, thanks to all those that I shamelessly
|A not to all those who will no doubt write me off
|for using comercial music. This demo is not going to
|enter any compo, so I do not have to adhere to any
|rules, therefore, I am not breaking any rules. Having
|said that I will point out that I decided to use this
|track becaus I really liked it, it was "themed" (even
|though my execution is doubtful), and it rocks! Or
|are only productions of VIP2 status allowed to use
|commercial music?

|tALSit de CoD   :: founder
|                :: coder
|                :: gfx (maya+2d)
|                :: dzn

|Bored Ball      :: a 3d animation
|                :: 22nd of july, 2000
|                :: euskal party 8 :: 2nd place
|Leave Me Alone! :: a 3d animation
|                :: 28th of july, 2001
|                :: euskal party 9 :: 9th place
|Monkey Lover    :: a demo
|                :: 7th of may, 2002

|there is no license, only rules.
|rules are:
| -you are allowed to distribute this only by
|  electronical form, you may not charge anything for it
|  either in monetary value or in exchange for another
|  product or service.
| -this is free software, you will not be charged for it
|  nor will you charge for it. you may not use this program
|  to promote anything except "the scene".
| -if you execute this software, you do so by your own
|  free will (fatalists spare me), and therefore, if any
|  damages occur, the author will by no account be held
|  liable.
| -this file must always accompany the software verbatim.
| -you shall enjoy it.
| Monkey Lover (c) 2002 tALSit de CoD
| Monkey Lover (the soundtrack) by M, Koglin/J. Duggan
|    (C) 2001 Poisoned Records

// eof
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