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Cube Horizon by kaamos

Kaamos has aimed to produce an interesting (both story and game mechanics wise) and audiovisually enjoyable digital game prototype. Space-themed Cube Horizon has been designed to be playable on computer platforms: current versions include Windows and Mac. The game revolves around a little girl, whom the player controls. Each level consist of cubes, and by changing the orientation of the game world, player has to find their way from the beginning to the end of each level. The world can be rotated in straight angles, also by depth. Along the way a certain amount of minerals per level is needed to be collected before the portal opens. There isn't one true solution to the levels: your own imagination is the key to this puzzle.

We are a small student working group put together in University of Jyväskylä. Currently working on the development of Cube Horizon are Kai Ylinen, Katariina Pesonen, Mikko Jakonen, Oskari Leppäaho and Santeri Hämäläinen. For more information about Kaamos group, Cube Horizon, and our project work you may want to visit our blog at http://kaamosgames.blogspot.fi 
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