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small beginnings by vrtx

"small beginnings"
a release for @party 2013

blackpawn here in the hotel lobby as its nearly 5am and the properly
sane @partians sleep ahead of the seminars and compos for day two of
the party. attempting with a last few hours of wakefulness to wrangle
fantastic music by gloom and incredible 3d models by kirill into 
something that will be entertaining on the big screen. quite psyched 
to hear the track on the epic speaker set up dr claw has assembled!

thinking it'll be a minor miracle if this actually runs on the compo
machine! ^_^ this began life as a mac osx demo then brought to windows
and very quickly fleshed out over the last couple weeks leading up to
@party.  definitely a party release and with any luck will find some
opportunity for a final. hope you find this more enjoyable than 
staring at your feet for 4 minutes! :) send vrtx some greets if you
want to see more!

big special thanks to preacher, guardian, and coda

greets to inspirations, idols, and friends maxim zhestkov, asd, 
brainstorm, cocoon, #coders, conspiracy, excess, farbrausch, haujobb,
kewlers, mfx, northern dragons, rgba, stravaganza, threepixels, 
traction, united force, xplsv, youth uprising

              blackpawn: http://blackpawn.com
                  gloom: http://transistorbass.com
                 kirill: http://thekirill.com

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