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NAID '95 Report by Hornet [web]


     ___________/\_ ______________       __  __  _____________________/\
     \__    ___/   |   \_   _____/      /  \|  \|  _  \___   ___\____   \
       |    | /    ~    \    __)_      /    \   \ |_\  \  | |   /   |    \
       |    | \    Y    /        \    /          \   _  \_| |__/    |     \
       |____|  \___|___/_________/    \____\_____/__/ \________\_____     /

              |     \  ______\______  \_____   \  ___  \__    ___/
              | ___  \  _)   \|     ___/   |    \      / |    |
              |     _/        \    |  /    |    /  _  |  |    |
              |   _ \_________/____|  \________/__/ \  \ |____|
              |  | \ \                               \__|
              |  |  \ \
              |__|   \_\


 Hello and welcome to the Hornet Naid Report.

 What you are about to see (or have seen already) is the product of several
 months work.  Simply put, we went to Naid, took some pictures, scanned
 then, and jammed them into one fun-packed party report.  :)

 Imagine, now you can see images of such notables as : Daredevil, Necros,
 Perisoft (uhh), C.C.Catch, White Shadow, Maelcum, The Naid Organizers, and
 of course, Hornet!  :)  Most of the images were taken with my own camera
 although we took several from some picture-pack that was uploaded to our
 site.  We tried to make the image quality as high as possible, but some
 pictures complained so we had to leave them as-is.

 NAID (for those who don't know) stands for "North American International
 Demo Party."  Why it was not called NAIDP I'll never know (perhaps because
 you can't say "NAIDP").  This gathering of demo freaks was held in
 Montreal, Quebec (Canada) from April 15-17, 1995.

 The party building was called Ce GEP ('say-'zhep), located in the heart of
 Montreal.  Because of the predominantly french populace in Quebec, NAID was
 the closest thing to a european country many of us have ever been to.

 I should make clear now that this is more of a "photo album" than a party
 report.  Given that I was the one snapping photos, there seem to be an
 inordinate number of them with Hornet people.  :)

 OK, I'm rambling now and you have already enough text to munch on in the
 report itself.

 Snowman / Hornet - r3cgm@ftp.cdrom.com


 This report uses a neato idea of Trixter's.  He said "Hey, why don't we
 have a program to capture your picture descriptions at the speed you typed
 them in?"  I didn't really understand this at first.  In fact, I can not
 even adequately describe the feature.  However, you _will_ know what I'm
 talking about once the report starts.

 The _real_ trick to appreciating this report is understanding all of the
 obscure references I use.  For example, would you understand the phrase
 "Molsen Dew" when used in conjunction with "Necros."  If so, then count
 yourself a winner.  This report is really phearsome and k3Wlio
 baygle-rific!  Well, perhaps that's going a bit too far.

 Trixter flexes his coding muscles by displaying all images in a whacky
 graphics mode I do not understand.  Sure do look pretty though.. huh huh.
 While we're at it, let me state in advance that this report contains no
 18-bit pseudo-color plasmas, no fancy environment maps, no gouraud shaded
 ducks, and no overused slogans from demos.

 Also included in this report is an extra special "secret part."  Can _you_
 find it?

=------------------------------------------------------------[Getting Around]-=

 ENTER - moves to next picture when text is done
 -     - (minus sign) moves to previous picture when text is done
 SPACE - raise/lower Big Pix caption
 + / - - (plus and minus sign) speeds up / slows down the typing
         speed.  Note that this is only applicable when text is
         actually appearing on the screen.

 All sound options (including the sound of the clicky keyboard) can be found
 in the setup program.

=-------------------------------------------------------[System Requirements]-=

 We originally flaunted with the idea of decompressing all images run-time.
 However, that proved to be too slow and so an installation program was
 written.  Consequently, you must be willing to give up a few precious megs
 of your hard drive to view this report.


 -386 with 605k base memory free (or 400k + EMS)
 -9MB hard drive space
 -vga card (obviously), though no VESA BIOS or driver necessary


 -486 with sound card
 -multi-sync monitor


 Trixter has been the driving force behind this report from day one.  He
 scanned the pictures, got the music, and forced me to write descriptions
 and this documentation.  :)


 This report contains 43 24-bit color pictures.  All of them have been
 compressed for distribution purposes (who wants to download 9 megs?).


 The party tune is an unreleased song of Basehead's (trying to cash in on
 his fame after leaving the scene or something).


 All of the image descriptions were done by myself.  I did the best job I
 could (given a failing memory and a fondness for obscure references (see
 another part of this text describing "obscure references")).  I have tried
 to get everyone's name correct and put the pictures in an order that makes


 The Naid Report is coded by Trixter in Pascal with just a pinch of
 assembler.  This production has undergone about 5-6 major revisions.
 Trixter wanted me to add that Adam Bergstrom supplied the TGA file
 information and 320x600 screen mode.

=----------------------------------------------------------[Closing Comments]-=

 Hope you enjoyed this report!  Feel free to contact us at the addresses

 Trixter / Hornet - trixter@ftp.cdrom.com
 Snowman / Hornet - r3cgm@ftp.cdrom.com
 Basehead         - bh@axs.net


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