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Black Edges - Director's Cut by Black Sun

Black Edges - Director's Cut
A demo from Black Sun

Detailed Credits

Code: Nitro

2D: Nitro
Additional 2D: Slayer
Additional 2D: XBall
Additional 2D: Web
(Skydome texture by Remus)
(Part five picture by rickkhunter)

3D: Ubik
Additional 3D: Nitro
Additional 3D: Web

Lightmaps: Nitro

Splines/Sync/Help: AceMan
Additional splines/sync: Nitro

CC Music: Bowsar - "Seekers"
(Chippy edit)

Moral support: Eliot
Moral support: Raum

Tech info
This demo shouldn't require a monster graphics card, but it requries lots of
RAM, if it crashes, then try running it in lower resolution.

This demo uses the following libraries:
and a multi-purpose modular rocket control system: GNU Rocket

Personal comment from Nitro for the party version

This version contains about 50% of what was planned to be in this demo.
The code was there, the content: nope.
The amount of people, that have promissed and then failed to deliver things
other than code is enormous.
At the end of the developement I had to do the textures myself, as you can see
in the credits I was forced to learn and then to do a lot of other things
Probably 75% of my time spent on making this demo went into yelling at people,
waiting for results of their work, that finally didn't came and then doing them
25% went into the code, and that's the part, that I'm proud of, but you can't
really see it in this party version, please wait patiently for the final :)
It was a huge relief for me to finally release this demo at tUM, now I can
start planning the next demo, which will be done with a long time, production
proven sceners. 

Personal comment from Nitro for the final version

I'm so happy that I've found time and energy to do the final version.
The changes are so huge, that IMO a separate release is fully justified.
It's 05:31 and a couple of more minutes, and I'll happily bang my head against
the keyboard and sleep.

Personal Greetings from Nitro

First of enormous amount of thanks goes to D.Fox for making it possible to 
release this 'cursed' demo at tUM 2012.
I owe you one :)
Then I have a warm greetings for the NVIDIA testers of this demo: kbi, Sandra,
Inqb, maq and bonzaj.
Greetings to Zsacul - he knows the reason :)
Thanks for bonzaj, kbi and kiero for some help solving hard things that puzzled
And finally greetings to all people that cheered me at the WeCan where I was
soo deluded and I belived, that I'll be able to finish this demo.

Personal Greetings from AceMan
Warm greetings goes to modules.pl and amiscena.org!

If you would like to contact us with any matter then please write to:
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