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2x1287 by Paradox [web]

         :::::::::::::...         ...::::::::::::. 
          ::::::::::::::::.     .::::::::::::::::::
           :::::::::::::::::. .::_______:::::::::' 
                   ':::_______::/   ___/_     :' 
                     ::\      \/ __/    /
                      :_\______ /  __  <
                      :\   __  \\_______\
                     :::>     _/    \:
             .:   ..:::/_____//\     \:..   
           .:::::::::::/     /::\_____\:::::::::
          ::::::::::::/_____/ p a r a d o x:::: 
           ':::::::''                ''::::::: 

                        2 x 1 2 8 7         
                     a little tribute
                     for the Falcon's
                     20th anniversary

  Darn, we're late ...
  Is it the end of 2012 already ?
  Is it really already 20 years since the little bird of prey
  was revealed to the public ?
  It feels like yesterday ...
  That we hungered for news, eagerly awaited the latest issue
  of our favourite printed Atari magazine to read news, gossip
  and rumours around Atari's all new computer series, named
  after birds of prey, of which the smallest one was to be
  released soon, a computer to finally pull even with not only
  the Commodore Amiga regarding graphics and music, but even
  compete with the PCs that gained popularity by the hour.
  Like yesterday that we stood and watched how the Falcon
  easily produced true colour graphics, played multi-channel
  CD quality sound in stereo, depacked highly compressed JPEG
  graphics like DEGAS Elite depacks PC1 files and whirled
  moving objects around the screen like a video game system.
  Like yesterday that we decided to save our money to buy one.
  But we weren't many. Most others saved their money to buy
  386 and 486 PCs to spend days and weeks installing and
  reinstalling Windows 3.11, spending even more money to buy
  newer graphics cards since the latest game refused to run on
  the existing one and so forth.
  In the end, we were not only being outnumbered.
  In the end, even Atari gave up, concentrated on the luckless
  Jaguar video game system just to vanish a couple of years
  And now, 20 years later, nobody seemed to recall the fame and
  glory of the Falcon when it actually came out.

  So, it required Grey of Mystic Bytes to intervene to
  actually remind us about the Falcon's 20th anniversary.
  Mid of October, Grey wrote us an email asking us to
  contribute to the SillyVenture 2012's demo compo as he had
  already motivated others to contribute and hoped for a little
  demo from us, too. 
  Early November, we managed to get started but not having done
  anything on the Falcon for more than 10 years, at least I had
  a hard time to actually achieve anything.
  In the end, we handed in a little preview that, fascinatingly,
  didn't crash even though it did a hundred times out of thin
  air when test running it and having me spend evening after
  evening trying to isolate this bug.
  Naturally, even though the demo ran reliably, we didn't dare
  to release it (yet) because of this unfound bug and a few
  minor things we wanted to clean up.
  Therefore, we had to delay the release but naturally, over
  the christmas time, we had little to no time to investigate,
  but now, we release
  Runs on:
  - Falcon030 with at least 4MB
    (On 4MB Falcons, please run on a clean machine)
  - VGA or RGB monitor or TV set
  - Harddisk installable
  - Any TOS 4.0x
  - No FPU or accelerator needed
  Please note that the demo is intended to be shown on a 50Hz
  RGB monitor. The scrolling is jerky on VGA (sorry about that).
  - Graphics by Dan
    Demo screenshots taken from Pouet.net mostly,
    some captured by ourselves
  - Music by 505
  - Code by The Paranoid
  - 68030 assistance by RA
  505 would like to mention he referenced music by
  - Stax/Lazer
  - Tommy/Avena
  - Front6/Absence
  - Djamm/Eko
  Dan would like to mention that
  - the Grafitti characters have been rendered using Blender's
    internal render engine and
  - he was inspired by those by colwiz and blenderguru
  - he was using Blender, PS Elements, GrafX2 and MS Paint
  The Paranoid would like to mention that
  - DSP mod replay is from Bitmaster/TCE
  - DSP fix is by NoCrew Laboratories
  - Initial demo engine was provided by Evil/DHS
  - the BLiTTER restores the background while the 68030 does
    the 3D transformations and the DSP replays the MOD
  Please note that this little demo is merely a tribute and
  no full effect-based multi-part. It was done in a hurry and
  i am not at all experienced in optimising code for the 68030.
  As a matter of fact, i did some cache-optimisations and 
  managed the BLiTTER and 68030 to coexist peacefully, but i
  assume that there is still some unused potential.
  But we wanted to contribute to the Falcon's 20th birthday.
  Not its 25th.
    Agenda, Aggression, blabla, Cerebral Vortex, Checkpoint,
    D-Bug, Defence Force, DHS, Dune, Equinox, Evolution, Escape,
    Excellence in Art, Extream, JAC!, Lamers, La Resistance,
    Live!, MJJ Prod, Mystic Bytes, New Beat, No Extra, NOICE,
    Orion_, Paradize, Positivity, Reboot, Reservoir Gods, RNO,
    Sector One, SquoQuo, The P.H.F., Taquart, Tjoppen, Torment,
    .tSCc., YMRockerz
    4th Dimension, ASD, Farbrausch, Rebels, Sp”ntz,
    The Black Lotus, Triebkraft

  The Paranoid / Paradox 2012
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