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Color Runner by Paradize [web]

            COLOR RUNNER

          By Paradize - 2012

[Especially and quite fastly coded for 

         Sillyventure 2012]



Code/Gfx/sampling/bugs/etc : Cooper

GFA code as usual ;)

Music : Jester/Sanity

Dspmod plugin : always-helpful GGN/Kua 

(big thanks for speedness !!)

Joypad routs : Swe/Yescrew



- Falcon 030 - 14 Mb ram

- VGA screen

- NVDI disabled

- 1 or 2 Jagpads



This is a party-release version, hence the

14 Mb (i  had no  more free  time left  to 

correct this) and the little glitches here

and there... It will be corrected if there

is some feedback for a final version...



1 player : 

You must clear as many tiles as you can by 

pressing  the  dedicated   button  in  the 

allocated time. You  can adjust  the  time

in the main menu. If you select  the wrong 

color, your score is decreased by 1. 

2 players : 

"Goal" : you can select several numbers of

tiles  to  clear. The  first  reaching the 

specified number is the winner !

The "Time" gamemode is the same than the 1 

player gamemode. 

"Death mode" : same than the time gamemode,

but if one player select the wrong color, 

he's game over !

You can have 2 different tiles lines in 2P 

mode to add some twist to your game !

In any  gamemode, you  can also select from

2 to 5 colors to do the best score that you

can !  There is a  dedicated  mode for each 

color number and for each timed gamemode.

In any game,play F10 to go back to the menu.

The end !


Enjoy this  little game  and don't hesitate

to  post  your  various  scores  on forums, 

facebook, etc :)

Hello to all the  active atarians anywhere, 

and  congrats  to  Grey  for  an  other  SV 

adventure !

See you in an other prod !

Cooper - december 2012.

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