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Beats Of Rage by Dune

                                   December 2012


                                 proudly presents
                                  Beats of Rage

                                Falcon030 version

                     #1 at Sillyventure 2012 in Gdansk/Poland


Beats of Rage is a game for the Atari Falcon030 computer.

This is a free adaptation of the game Paintown available 
at the following address: http://paintown.sourceforge.net/

This is my first big production for my beloved computer and I'm happy
and proud to share it with all the Falcon people who still make the
dream a reality.


To run this game you need:

- An Atari Falcon030 with at least 4MB of RAM
- At least 20MB of hard disk space
- One or more of the following input devices:
  - A joystick plugged into the port 1
  - The Falcon keyboard
- The game runs on both RGB and VGA screens

Falcon accelerator Centurbo CT2 have not been tested.
Falcon accelerator CT60 works correctly.

If you have a 4MB machine, try to free up as much memory as possible.
The game needs a lot of memory due to the backgrounds and characters.

Caution: You won't be able to play Beats of Rage with the player 
Maxima on a 4 MB computer.


Just uncompress the zip file in a folder of your harddrive and lauch the

There are 2 files to launch Beats of Rage:
  - B_O_RAGE.PRG : the game for Falcon
  - BOR_HATA.PRG : the game for the emulator Hatari (this version is the same,
                   without the sounds and musics that crash the emulator).


You're the last member of your family recently annihilated by a gang.
In order to avenge, you've decided to search and kill all the members of
the gang.
Your trip will drive you into many parts of the town, from the dark 
alley to the factory.

Controls (keyboard keys)

UP          : up arrow
DOWN        : down arrow
LEFT        : left arrow
RIGHT       : right arrow
FIRE BUTTON : left shift
PAUSE       : p key
EXIT        : esc key

Nota: the game can be played with either a joystick or the keyboard.

Initial specifications

My aim was to fit the game in the following specifications :
- the game must run on a standard 4 meg Falcon,
- it must run on both RGB and VGA screens,
- it must run in 320*240 to have a nice aspect, 
- it must integrate the parallax transparent scrollings,
- the sprites must keep their original size.

Background informations

I've written all the code in pure 68030 assembler. 
It took me 13 months to complete it.

The characters graphics are from the game paintown.
Some level backgrounds pictures are from me (level 6, 7 and 8).
The others are from the game paintown.

All the level splash screens are from me.
It's a snapshot of the beginning of the level without the characters
that is reworked under 'the gimp'.

The modules are issued from different atari/amiga demos and games.
Thanks a lot to their authors.
If someone doesn't want his module to be in my game, just write me,
and I'll remove it.

- All the sprites are hard coded in assembler.
  (I use an external program of mine to hard code them).
- 100% pure 68030 code
- All developped under Linux/Hatari

I've spent most of the development time trying to optimize the rendering
and fit the game in 4 megs.

The game contains 13 different enemies, 3 different players and 9
different levels. Each level has a specific music and splashscreen.

The animation engine uses floating point emulation code to render nice 

The game includes an internal clocktick to avoid slowness if the rendering 
uses one more VBL.

All the scene is rendered from a camera view, which allows nice movements of 
the background. I don't use it a lot in the game, but it would be possible 
to move the camera while the game runs.


Falcon code and design: Laurent Sallafranque / Thadoss / Dune
Init routs from Dead Hackers Society Falcon Demosystem v15
Joystick/keyboard routine by Nyh/Hans Wessels
DspMod by Bitmaster / TCE
video save/restore: Aura & Mugwumps


I want to thank all the Atari communauty for all the fabulous piece of
software I saw during the last 20 years.

This game is my little contribution to the Falcon game scene.

Special thanks to goes to:
- Chuck and MIC from Dune
- All the members of the Hatari development team
- Special thanks to Jon (writer of paintown) for his help on the physical 
  engine and the internal ticks clock.

Future enhancements

There's a todo list in my mind. ;)
  - improve the engine
  - add more players 
  - add more stuff
  - ...

Version history

0.1 - 13-Nov-11 : Initial release
0.2 - mars 2012 : first graphical and characters
0.3 - july 2012 : first players movements, music
0.5 - oct. 2012 : first opponents movements
0.6 - nov. 2012 : hall of fame added + 9 levels + some improvement
                  to the game.
1.0 - dec. 2012 : game presented at Sillyventure 2012 (Gdansk/Poland).

If you find a bug

If you find a bug while playing, just send me a mail with the following
- the level number
- the X position of your player (beginning of the level, middle, end)
- the Z position of your player (in front or in back of the level)
- how many opponents were there on the screen ? (1, more)
- a precise description of the problem 
  (was there something special (a jump, a falling, ...))

The more precise you are, the best I can reproduce and fix the problem.
If you can do a photo or a snapshot of the problem, it's better.



Stay (H)atari forever ;-)

Private Joke

Hey Chuck, you need a passport to play the game ;)
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