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Elansar Demo by Orion_ [web]

Elansar Demo for Atari Jaguar

 by Orion_ [2012]


This preview of Elansar for the Atari Jaguar
was released at the awesome Silly Venture 2012 demoparty
held in Gdansk/Poland from 7 to 9 december 2012.

You can try the ROM on an emulator such as Virtual Jaguar
or on a real Jaguar using a 4Mbytes flash card.

This is a preview only !
You won't be able to go further than the cave door.
The inventory screen is missing, and there is no game save.

I hope you will enjoy it anyway, it should be available
on cartridge by the middle of the year 2013.
If you are interested to buy the game,
please send me a little mail at: onorisoft@free.fr

Thank you !

Orion_ / Cedric Bourse
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