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Chalcogens by Quebarium & Desire [web] & Tristar & Red Sector Inc. [web]

  T h e

        CCCCCCCCCCCCChhhhhhh                               lllllll
     CCC::::::::::::Ch:::::h                               l:::::l
   CC:::::::::::::::Ch:::::h                               l:::::l
  C:::::CCCCCCCC::::Ch:::::h                               l:::::l
 C:::::C       CCCCCC h::::h hhhhh         aaaaaaaaaaaaa    l::::l
C:::::C               h::::hh:::::hhh      a::::::::::::a   l::::l
C:::::C               h::::::::::::::hh    aaaaaaaaa:::::a  l::::l
C:::::C               h:::::::hhh::::::h            a::::a  l::::l
C:::::C               h::::::h   h::::::h    aaaaaaa:::::a  l::::l
C:::::C               h:::::h     h:::::h  aa::::::::::::a  l::::l
C:::::C               h:::::h     h:::::h a::::aaaa::::::a  l::::l
 C:::::C       CCCCCC h:::::h     h:::::ha::::a    a:::::a  l::::l
  C:::::CCCCCCCC::::C h:::::h     h:::::ha::::a    a:::::a l::::::l
   CC:::::::::::::::C h:::::h     h:::::ha:::::aaaa::::::a l::::::l
     CCC::::::::::::C h:::::h     h:::::h a::::::::::aa:::al::::::l
        CCCCCCCCCCCCC hhhhhhh     hhhhhhh  aaaaaaaaaa  aaaallllllll  ::  ::  ::

       cccccccccccccccc   ooooooooooo      ggggggggg   ggggg    eeeeeeeeeeee    nnnn  nnnnnnnn        ssssssssss
     cc:::::::::::::::c oo:::::::::::oo   g:::::::::ggg::::g  ee::::::::::::ee  n:::nn::::::::nn    ss::::::::::s
    c:::::::::::::::::co:::::::::::::::o g:::::::::::::::::g e::::::eeeee:::::een::::::::::::::nn ss:::::::::::::s
   c:::::::cccccc:::::co:::::ooooo:::::og::::::ggggg::::::gge::::::e     e:::::enn:::::::::::::::ns::::::ssss:::::s
   c::::::c     ccccccco::::o     o::::og:::::g     g:::::g e:::::::eeeee::::::e  n:::::nnnn:::::n s:::::s  ssssss
   c:::::c             o::::o     o::::og:::::g     g:::::g e:::::::::::::::::e   n::::n    n::::n   s::::::s
   c:::::c             o::::o     o::::og:::::g     g:::::g e::::::eeeeeeeeeee    n::::n    n::::n      s::::::s
   c::::::c     ccccccco::::o     o::::og::::::g    g:::::g e:::::::e             n::::n    n::::nssssss   s:::::s
   c:::::::cccccc:::::co:::::ooooo:::::og:::::::ggggg:::::g e::::::::e            n::::n    n::::ns:::::ssss::::::s
    c:::::::::::::::::co:::::::::::::::o g::::::::::::::::g  e::::::::eeeeeeee    n::::n    n::::ns::::::::::::::s
     cc:::::::::::::::c oo:::::::::::oo   gg::::::::::::::g   ee:::::::::::::e    n::::n    n::::n s:::::::::::ss
       cccccccccccccccc   ooooooooooo       gggggggg::::::g     eeeeeeeeeeeeee    nnnnnn    nnnnnn  sssssssssss
                                        gggggg      g:::::g
                                        g:::::gg   gg:::::g
                                                                                        by Quebarium, DESiRE & TRSI
  Code     : F-Cycles/Quebarium, Luis/DESiRE^TRSI, Scali/DESiRE
  Graphics : Alien/PDX, Kenet/BRS
  Modeling : Maali/DESiRE
  Music    : TronicSynth/Quebarium
  Organizer: Ramon B5/DESiRE
This demo was first shown at @Recursion 2012 held in Montreal (Quebec), Canada on November 24, 2012.
Rank: First place Winner demo competition.

This production run on GP2X (model: F100 or F200), we recommend using GP2X firmwares from GPH or 
Compatibility mode on Open2X.

Please report any bugs to: fcycles@quebarium.co


Alcatra, CMUCC, DC5, Edge of Panic, Ghostown, Hokuto Force, IC, Inque, Jason Scott, Jets(l)et, Kewlers, 
KRUE, Laharl2k, Les Sucres en Morceaux, Lineout, Loonies, LovCAPONE, MadBrain, Matja, Megahawks Inc., 
MoN, MUPS, Nah Kolor, Northern Dragons, Nuance, Optimus, Oxygen, Oxyron, Paradise, Paradox, 
POPSY TEAM, Rabenauge, Rebels, ROMEO KNIGHT, Scarab, Sigflip, TBL, Titan, 
Youth Uprising  ...  and everyones present at the event!

   Vol+        : Increase Volume
   Vol-        : Decrease Volume
   Vol+ & Vol- : Mute/Unmute
   Start       : Pause (Tiny Menu)
   L+R Trigger : Exit

*Tiny-Menu: Allow you to pause/resume, view current screen (camera) and exit.


GP2X / PC Keyset

   Volume -       : Keypad -                  Up-Left   /F200: Keypad 7
   Volume +       : Keypad +                  Up             : Keypad 8
   Left  Trigger  : Keypad /                  Up-Right  /F200: Keypad 9
   Right Trigger  : Keypad *                  Left           : Keypad 4
   A              : HOME                      DPad-Fire /F100: Keypad 5
   Y              : END                       Right          : Keypad 6
   X              : INSERT                    Down-Left /F200: Keypad 1
   B              : PAGE UP                   Down           : Keypad 2
   Select         : DELETE                    Down-Right/F200: Keypad 3
   Start          : PAGE DOWN

                                                                                       Quebarium - www.quebarium.co
                                                                                        DESiRE - www.wemakedemos.nl
                                                                                                 TRSI - www.trsi.de

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