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Xmas 97 by Gyrzoon & Heretics

some stupid christmas intro thing..

inspired by holiday boredom and paranoia..

gyr and zoon created the snow storm, planned the alien abductions,
warped the space-time continuum until the buildings and trees actually did
scroll like that, created the right weather conditions for purple clouds,
and then for an encore we discovered the secret of skywriting without the
aid of a plane.

black artist single handedly planted the pine forests, hired the contract
workers to build the houses, generated the electric power to run all those
lights, hand carved the sleigh, bought all the presents, and whipped
those lazy reindeer into shape.

hunz mastered the secret of time travel in order to create the music all
the way back in october of 1996, well before any of the rest of us had
even considered making this intro.  nice one.

(to those that noticed, the music _is_ actually 'the big laugh' by hunz..
this is because he's such a lazy bastard that he couldn't come up with
a cheesy happy type tune given a couple of days.  we didn't just steal it,
it was given to us :)

merry christmas, go to hell.
(that last message brought to you by satan)
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