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capsule by Appendix [web]

 contribution to ASTROSYN'97 party

                  code - INFORMER
                 music - SUPERFML 
            3d graphic - MAG666

      harware required: AGA, 020/14Mhz, FPU, 2MB CHIP + FAST RAM
  hardware recommended: AGA, 040/40Mhz, FPU, 2MB CHIP + FAST RAM

             tested on: AGA, 020/28Mhz, FPU, 2MB CHIP + 4MB FAST
                        AGA, 030/50Mhz, FPU, 2MB CHIP + 4MB FAST 
                        AGA, 040/25Mhz, FPU, 2MB CHIP + 8MB FAST
 If  you  have  any  map-rom  routines installed in your system,
please  switch  off  the  power  (then  ofcourse, you'll have to
switch  it  on back to see the demo:), and boot your amy with no
startup before running this demo .
 APPENDIX WHQ is THE SECT BBS: +48(0)91-879493   sysop: MADBART

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