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music for underwater people by TAP [web]

  Music For Underwater People EP
  (2009/2012 music disk edition, incl. bonus track)  

  One upon a time, several zillion years ago (ok, 2005),
  I released the "music for underwater  people" EP, a
  small collection of nine badly mixed tunes with a deep
  sea / underwater exploration theme. 

  The release went largely  unnoticed, since the only
  places I posted a note about it, were the  psycle forums
  and, if I remember  correctly, an even more obscure place:
  The pouet.net oneliner.

  Since  then, this small package of distorted space
  underwater dub (alternatively i'd like to call  it "punk-ish
  ambient weirdo melo-swing") is rotting away on archive.org
  and according to last.fm there are apparently still four(!)
  brave souls on this planet who listen to this thing every
  now and then.
  Maybe even five. Not everyone is using last.fm after all.
  This is in fact the third incarnation of the music disk
  version of the EP and I figured at least one version should
  be released after all. I would have almost forgotten about this,
  if it wouldn't be for the "work in progress" thread at pouet. :)


  Some keys you may want to try:
   [s]  take a screenshot and save it in PNG format
   [b]  switch background on and off
   [x]  lowest/highest volume (aka mute/unmute)

  Alternatives to clicking around the menu:   

   [up]/[down] or [1]..[9] to quick-switch between songs, [0] for the bonus track

   [+]/[-] volume control  

   [left]/[right] to quick-switch between colo(u)r schemes
  Try all the color schemes. And wait for the jellyfish to
  appear in the background. It's fun. :) There are some other details
  like the "depth meter" etc. 

  The config.txt file can be edited for different window sizes and some
  other minor options.


  Not-so-slow CPU/GPU compo. Won't work well on netbooks.
  A Java Runtime is required also. No, those things are not really related.
  Processing sources are available in case the lack of optimization really
  bothers you. Also, if you really want a Mac version.


  Software used:

   - Interface coded using Processing (v1.5.x), a JVM-based language/IDE
     > www.processing.org

   - GLGraphics Library
     > http://glgraphics.sourceforge.net

   - Music recorded using a broken version of Psycle in 2002/3
     > http://psycle.pastnotecut.org


   - The original 2005 release, incl. cover art, but without the bonus track
     can still be found at:

     > http://www.archive.org/details/music_for_underwater_people  



  - Music, interface code and design by Thomas "tomaes" Gruetzmacher 

    > web: http://tomaes.32x.de
    > email: tomaes [at] 32x [dot] de



  - CC-BY 3.0:

    > http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

   "You are free:
    to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work  
    to Remix — to adapt the work 
    to make commercial use of the work"

    "Under the following conditions:

    Attribution —  You must attribute the work in the manner specified by
    the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they
    endorse you or your use of the work)."
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