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Leap of Faith by Moods Plateau [web]

                         _ ______     ___    ___           
                   ____\//    _/____\\  \_ /  //________  
                  _)   \/     \       _  (_\___        /  
              _ _\_   ||      \      \   /   /      _/_ _
                 _ /___||______/__________\__________\ _  
                 \/- -diP-----------------------aSL- -\/  
                   m  O  O  d  S    p  L  A  t  E  A  U   

                      welcome to the final version

                  complete credits for this intro are:

                       additional code...........doc.K

                 there are 3 versions available in this

                 - lof.hi        ( for 68030 and up )
                 - lof.lo        ( for 68000/020    )
                 - mds-lof.dms   (bootable disk img.)

         additionally you'll find a bonus directory with some
           trivia and material from the development process

First things first: this production is nowhere near targeted specifically for
the Amiga 500. Therefore, the lo-version in the archive is there only to
provide backward compatibility, hence the bulk of the scenes will run in
quite a low speed and have tearing going on. I tried to get rid of the ugliest
glitches for this final version but for the sake of moving on to another
project I'd rather spend more time on improving the framework so that future
stuff will run better and smoother.

Now for the actual reason of this textfile.
Novel suggested that I should write a word or twelve about the content of this
intro to unveil a little what it is all about.
Straight up for the folks familiar with the subject: it's a cabbalistic journey.
A piece of Sexual Alchemy that tries to describe how spirit is manifested in
matter, how it reaches a climax and thereby releases the spirit to its former
estate ( redintigration ) so that the whole process can start all over again.

We start with an illustration of "spirit" as a delicate sparkle in the void.
This void is the proverbial "negativity", the universal potential, the first
"mother womb" of all, ready to be fertilised with that spark.
As this has happened, the spark is now imaged as an anthropomorphism, the 
male cliff diver taking the allegorical Leap of Faith starting his descent
through the alchemical elements following the cabbalistic formula of
Yod - He - Vav - He, Fire - Water - Air and Earth.

Fire represents the higher Will, the Lifeforce.
Water represents the intuitive and emotional plane.
Air represents the intellect and the mind.
Earth represents the physical plane, the instinctive.

Stylistically the flow of the scenerey relates to the ceremonial Rose Cross as
it's used for instance by the Golden Dawn or the OTO.
When the descending spirit has touched the higher planes of Fire, Water and Air
it has to dive even further down into a deep abyss, represented by the all white
greetings part, in order to finally manifest itself on the material plane,
Earth or Malkuth in cabbalistic terminology.
"Down there" things get denser and more intense and finally the now materialised
spirit finds its counterpart and is ready for the "alchemical wedding".
This counterpart as well as the implicit material result of this perfect union
is represented by the female silhouette which fist can be seen as the "Queen
of Disks" from the Thoth Tarot and later she is the Dancing Leila, the universe
in manifestation before the beforementioned redintigration.
And that's the moment when all dissolves and we find ourselves again in the big

In a sense this alchemical journey is an allegory of the neverending and fractal
structured Game of Life. On every level this cycle can be applied to describe
how things come into being from potential and, after their journey, dissolve
back into potential. Just like sound emerges from the silence and dissolves
back into silence, showing that the void is not "nothing" but rather the 
potential of *everything*

The last three Easter Party productions Fibomoodcci, Kheper and Leap of Faith 
are in a way connected as they pretty much all deal with the same thing and
so much so from an esoteric viewpoint.
For the sake of "staying into the magic" there ought to be still two more
to be made but I think we'll focus on something more "down to earth" for the 
next big intro-production.

      May the Boingball be with you

                   - -------------------------------- -   

                   - M O O D S P L A T E A U . N E T  -    
               - -\//-------------------------------\\/- -
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