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Molotov by Reflection


                   Released at Hype'99 in Malmoe, Feb. 19-21

This demo was originally made for Assembly'98 but we couldn't finish it
on time, so we decided not to release it at that time.
During the last couple of days I (spyko) have made some major changes to
the demo, making it ready to be released at Hype'99 instead.
                        May the Force be with us.

The code should be pretty bug-free, but there are some known problems.
In DOS mode there is usually a conflict between the MIDAS sound system
and the video card if using linear frame buffer, that makes the demo and
music very slow. Use -nolfb to correct this. Under Win95/98 this problem
doesn't exist, so there is no need to use the -nolfb switch.
On some computers the demo crashes in the end because of a buggy MIDAS
function for removing timer callbacks. Don't worry about this, when the
computer restarts (if it do) you have already seen everything there is to

Very advanced switches to use if needed:

-setup      manual sound setup
-nosound    no sound
-fakemode   8 bpp fake mode
-nosync     no syncing, makes it run fast and ugly
-nolfb      turns off linear frame buffer support, use in DOS mode if
            the music is slow (because of conflict between MIDAS sound
            system and video card)

3D engine, 3D models, most of the 2D and graphics by Spyko
some 2D effects, greetings and music by Cyber

Spyko - Petrik Clarberg - petrik.clarberg@swipnet.se
Cyber - Magnus Holtlund - magnus81@hotmail.com

Reflection is a subgroup of a bigger group called The Torrent Project.
Visit our website at http://www.torrent-project.org

Copyright (c) 1998-1999 by Reflection
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