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Curse by quad [web]

Curse, by Quad. Final version, Fatboy Slim edit.
Possibly horribly buggy, probably not.

No blobs in spheres. Blobs in cubes.
No cylindrical free-directional tunnels. Square free-directional tunnels.
No interpolated raytracing. Just 320x200.

Coded in the 10 hours we had after the 64k compo until the demo deadline.
Do we code quickly? No. We have invented a clever time-travelling device
that allows us to sneakily go back in time.

So, this is what we do in half a day. Next time, we'll spend a couple of


 Code: Sarix (3d-engine basics, blobs and glueing (not sniffing, mind you))
       Inopia (les knots torue‚s and most of the 2d effects you'll see)
       Sagacity (3ds-player, polyroutines (fast and buggy. we like that),
                 revised glueing (still no sniffing))

  Gfx: Samsam ("Curse" and "Quad" logos, them 2 dudes)
       Oyise ("Faccy" (the apple) and "Ptolemy" (the final picture))
       Inferno ("Fear me" (the girl) and "Armageddon" (guy & girl))
       Goblin (extra work on the 2 logos)
       Cyclops (90% of the textures)

   3d: Cyclops (modelled and texeled)

Music: G-Day and Darkxceed, in a kinky love triangle with IMS (c) Pascal.

Videosystem is PTC by La Gaffer / Xtatic.

Greetings to everyone we greeted for in our usual infofile which now lies at
home, stupidly enough.

Still, a hand containg a buzzer is extended to the people in:
.... oh, forget it. just download our 64k for a greetlist ;)

Curse (AKA: "Anything to kill the time"), released at TP8 held in Aars.dk.
Pure (64k intro), released at TP8 too.
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