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Visdom II by JAC! [web]

;	">> VISDOM DEMO PART II <<"_for_the_Halle_Project_93
;	This is the final fixed single file version I have promised 19 years ago :-)
;	(c) 25-02-1993 by_JAC! first_version_with_main_effects
;	(r)_03-03-1993_by_JAC! Wiggle_works_100%.
;	(r)_07-03-1993_by_JAC! Visdom,Credits_&_Infopart.
;	(r)_09-03-1993_by-JAC! Ktab_&_ImpRes.
;	(r)_13-03-1993_by_JAC! Info_V1.1,ImpRes_break.
;	(f)_16-03-1993_by_JAC! All_texts_written,excluded,encrypted.
;	(f)_16-03-1993_by_JAC! final_version
;	(r)_06-08-1995_by_JAC! for Amiga
;	(r) 28-09-2002 by JAC! for_PC
;	(r)_17-06-2010 by JAC! wiggle_color_mix_fixed
;	(r)_22-02-2012 by JAC! fader,decrunch,PAL_and_RAM_size_check_added
;	(r)_05-03-2012 by JAC! NTSC_version_started
;	(r)_13-03-2012 by JAC! NTSC_version_finished
;	This demo was created as contribution to the Halle Project '93 compilation.
;	It is part 4 on the first disk, press "START" to start each part.
;	Press "HELP" to enter the info screen and "SPACE to return to the main screen.
;	It was created during 6 months or military service isolation in Karlsruhe using
;	my Amiga 500 cross development system and my Atari XL stored in big wooden box.
;	An extraordinary situation which made an extraordinary demo possible.
;	I still love the raster split logo, the wiggle, impres and the cool tune by Karsten Schmidt.
;	Raster Split Logo - 9 colors out of 128 at 160 pixels per line, 60 lines high, animated in waves
;	Wiggle - 32 colors out of 256 at 80 pixels per line, 128 lines high, sin sin x movement
;	ImpRes - 16 colors out of 128 at 160 pixels per line, 128 lines high, sin x/sin y movement
;	This was the first demo to exploit the GTIA bug which became the basis for many new graphics modes.
;	Apart from Silly Things, this is the demo I am >>really<< proud of.
;	Those were the days, JAC!
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