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Children of Light by Steel Dawn

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   ±±°±±±   ±    ±±±±±  ±±±±± ±±±±±     ±±±±±  ±±  ±±   ±±  ±±    ±   ±±

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 NAME: Children of the Light
 TYPE: Demo
 DATE: 17/07/97
 PARTY: COVEN 97 (Australia)

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 This is the buggy party release version. It got 2nd place in the demo compo.
 I'll be recoding the bits that don't work and releasing a bug fixed version. 
 Most of the demo and all of the design was coded by Grape. The system and the
 bumpmap was coded by Klumsy.

 It should be easy enough to run. If you can't get it running than try clean
 boot with Himem.sys and no EMM etc. If your a REAL demoperson than you should
 be able to get it running.

[ðþ About Da Demo þððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððððð]

 I had a hard time getting this done since I had to make my way accross to
another country. This is the First party Steel Dawn has attended and as a
result you can look forward to seeing some quality productions in the future.
It was basically drawn and coded by me (Grape) and compiled at the party venue
with all the bugs :(
 Oh well. I had a good time meeting the Australian demo sceners and their hard
out/very loud music. Greets to all you guys. The demo is really the result of
what I experienced in my home country. Stop killing our world...
 There would hae been heaps more but Klumsy decided to try and make his own
demo and therefore Steel Dawn released 2 demos at the party.

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   -+þ Coders þ+-       

  Andre Chalmers        Grape                      grapeman@geocities.com
  Karl Prosser          Klumsy                     steeldawn@xtra.co.nz

   -+þ Graphic Artists þ+-

  Andre Chalmers        Grape                      grapeman@geocities.com
   -+þ Musicians þ+-

  Brian Hoyt            Warrior                    ---     

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Come you Aussies get off you backsides and start doing something.
Catch us on the IRC relay chat areas:

 Sayonnara until next time....
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