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bubblez by rv6502 [web]

Bubblez by rv6502 (Stephane Hockenhull)

its a small (and extremely slow) software raytracer.

An early prototype for the "4K Executable Graphics" competitions.
The executable is 1616 bytes using UPX (2178 bytes uncompressed) 
including automatic resolution selection, VESA RGB/BGR 24/32bit detection, 
and VGA fallback.

Was tested under Windows XP on a Core2 laptop and in dosbox, should work on 
just about any PCs 386 (+387) with a VGA card able to run a 16bit 
DOS executable ( 64bit windows users will need to use dosbox).

bubblez_320x200.com will only try VESA 320x200 24/32bit mode then VGA mode 13h.
bubblez_vga.com will only use VGA mode 13h.

most 4K procedural graphics competitions have a 30 seconds limit so even 
tho I still have a huge amount of space left (2480 compressed bytes is huge) 
I'm already busting the ridiculously short calculation time.

too bad, I guess I'm gonna have to write one of those incompatible "only runs 
on the compo machine with GFX card brand Y, Model W, driver version X 
and Windows version Z" entry instead.

rv (a-t) rv6502.com

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