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Little Circles Of Life

-=[Little Circles Of Life by Skate]=-

256 Bytes

-Product Info-
I'm breaking my promise of not releasing small code pieces like this one for
a while, at least until releasing a Plush demo. But this time, I'm trying to
support 7dx demo party which I hope fair enough. This is an independent

I reduced the fx starting from 386 bytes to 256 bytes with no effect quality
loss just like i hoped so. The period between 280 bytes and 256 bytes was
extremely painful. :)

There are 5 circles created from 16 dots each which makes 80 dots overall.
Please notice there are only 4 bytes (!) of tables used for the entire
effect including the plot routine. So, I can say that this effect is truly
realtime even if it wasn't intentional.

Dots are plotted over a bitmap screen and no double buffering is used.

Baah, not another greeting list... Ok, let's say greetings to all
"Plushies", my all Turkish scener friends and rest of the scene including

7DX Demo Party 2011

256 Bytes
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