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a by Closed

a: 1b by closed

mailto: anotherdiskmag@gmail.com

After experiments with writing something in notepad and running it as exe I found that some combinations of symbols do voodoomagic with caret.
Then "something" reduced to just "a" or "b". "a" is best choise: it cause extra effects in DOSBox and inside archive.

Different effects I found:
1. Run it normally and see caret moving in random places. Press keyboard keys for boosting.
2. Run it in fullscreen via right-click options and see something like flying knives.
3. Run it in fullscreen, press Alt+Tab and run it in fullscreen again (run it twice). Minimize or close all other windows. Keep pressing Alt+Tab and see second effect, than your desktop for a moment, than second effect again and so on...
4. Run it in DOSBox and see information about mounted drives. Yeah, and now your keyboard inside DOSBox is blocked, dude!
5. Run it from archive and see weird symbols.

Tested with WinXP SP3, DOSBox 0.74, WinXP Explorer ZIP archive viewer, 7-Zip 4.57 (zip, tar, 7z archive types).

This prod pwns:
Bildstoerung by Tonrauschen (almost the first effect, 16 bytes)
I killed the scene by Traction (black fullscreen, 16 bytes)
Randomly spawning caret in 3 bytes by L1NK (all the same without fourth and fifth effect, 3 bytes)
tiniest by ep (does nothing, 1 byte)
Byte by Knights' Storm (does nothing, 1 byte)
1b FTW!!!!!!!!!! by jumalauta (does nothing, 1 byte)

This prod is pwned by:
zerobytes by optimus (multi-platform hack with different effects on every platform, 0 bytes)

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