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Bogus Party III Video by Bogus Device

        Bogus Party III Video Demo facts:

- Demo needs at least 400k of DOS memory and 2 M of extended memory to run
- program runs in 386 protected mode using Tran's pmode dos extender
  and need at leas 386 processor to run
- runs nicely in fast 386 and 486 computers, too slow in 386SX
- supports Gravis Ultrasound soundcard but works without it also

- all video material was taken using video camrea and digitized at party
  place usign Commodore Amiga with video digitizer (that's why the
  picture quality is so poor ;-).
- all programming was done usign 386 and 486 computers
- all video material is compressed to .jaf format (see jaffa.doc)
- team was founded at party place 10 hours before PC demo competition
- first version of demo was made in 10 hours practically from scratch
- first version took part in demo combo and got 15. place in combo
- we tried to finnish the demo at party place, but we did not have time
- all names in texts are anagrams (quess the sight names)

Bogus Device is a combination of talented programmers from many
Finnish demo teams. The team was founded at Party III in Demark at the
end of 1993. We think that demo coding must be fun and we do this for fun.
Bogus Device is a party team. We try make our products at party place.

If you liked this production you can send e-mail to then@vipunen.hut.fi.
You can also call to Nordic Dicks BBS (+385-0-2222694).

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