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refaktor by Adapt


      [][]     []                []
    []  []   [][]   [][] [][]  [][][]
    [][][] []  [] []  [] []  []  []
   []   []   [][]   [][] [][]     []-m


  code: 		deepr
  music: 		basscadet
  graphics: 	mistral
  3D: 			legend
  producers:	deepr
  Released at Assembly 2011
  Uses Adapted version of the rocking
  GNU Rocket system:
   thanks guys for the original rocket,
   it really rockets!)
  Also uses fmod music system by
  Firelight Technologies
  Also uses fantastic FXAA antialias
  shader by Timothy Lottes
  Requires Shader Model 3.0 capable GPU
  As the GPU particle simulation size 
  and the amount of simulated particles
  depends on the screen resolution, please
  prefer lower resolutions on lower end GPU's
  (demo is tested to be working on GeForce
   7000 series and up)
  Tested on Win7 32/64bit with 
  dual monitors.
  Not tested on ATI/AMD, sorry...
  (on ATI/AMD related problems, fix
  suggestions or just some other random
  stuff, you can contact deepr through
  the googles mail system, send the 
  mails for id jleipone at there)
    Ananasmurska, HBC, MFX, Evoflash,
	Byterapers, CNCD, Traction, 
	Portal Process, Dekadence, 
	Extend, Orange, Quite, Matt Current,
	NPLI, FLT, TRSI and all the others
	we forget because of sleep deprivation!
  Random notes:
	So tired. So ******* tired.
	64K competition was cancelled
	after we had been producing it for 
	three++ days. Our entry was the only
	participant, but later on Abyss
	came and asked if we would still
	want to participate, because FLT
	had also 64K intro.
	No. We had already started working 
	on this demo and dropped 64K.
	What you see is what you got.
	Thank god air conditioners work 
	here at the party place now.
	Thanks to Mikron/Byterapers for
	beer and aitiopaikkavierailu.
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