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Forest of Life by Lonely Coders

Forest of Life

  4kB executable image entry for Graphics Compo

    Assembly 2011

Created by Itchi / Lonely Coders

This entry was originally intended for Executable Graphics competition, which
was surprisingly dropped from Assembly 2011. Due to lack of better competition
category, it is now participating in regular Graphics Compo.

In the executable folder there is a Java program in a self-executing JAR format.
Run by doubleclicking the file in Windows or executing command "java -jar <filename.jar>",
where filename is one of the following:
- Forest_window.jar: Renders the image to a window.
- Forest_fullscreen.jar: Renders the image in fullscreen.
- Forest_png.jar: Renders the image to a PNG file.
It takes a while before anything happens, so be patient.
Press mouse to exit, no keyboard support this time.
The image is always rendered in 1280x720 resolution.

Greetings to Unreal Voodoo, Blobtrox, Moonhazard, Traction and Unique
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