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Meltdown by $PA/$PC

║ Second $PA demo release   « MELTDOWN »      presented at ASSEMBLY '94
       │   Requirements:
       │	486DX or higher
       │    	Music card
       │        590 Kb Free memory
       │	1024 Kb Expanded memory
       │   What you will not see in this demo :
       │	Fractals
       │	Fake 3D
       │	Nudes
       │	Design
       │	Finnish
       │  What you will see :
       │        Real-time 3D (pudding?) texture 
       │	2 weeks swet
       │	A lot of DSMI bugtrapping :)

           Creditz should go to
                  Binary Slave			
                  Mr. Fio
                  House Adonis
                  The Dead God			

              Greetz ...
     Tasmaniac, Living Nature, Rage, HardCore Devil, El Presidento, Dr. Shinto,
     Sarcofacer, The Black Panther:), BelgaCom, Blood Duster, Doom Freaks, Kone guys,
     Dusty Smith, CIA, Antares, Black DeZign, YammY, Els, Anneke:), iMaGiNe, 
     Pointer, Synergy Design, Outlaws, all we forgot.


	      The Story ...	

	       Well It was way back June that Binary Slave and I - HALL9000 -
               figured our coding good enough to try it to the big scene at
               Asm '94. But a Full Time job dumped everything into slowmotion.
               Nothing much happend until our friend Pointer -Digital House- suprised
               us with his Asm '94 production.

               Shocked as we were that another Belgian Competitor whould participate,
               we had to be impressed by his coding. Althoug gfx and music
               lacked quality we found some nice routines who would make it
               to the big screen, we though. After this revelation a heavenly
               fire stroke the coders who drilled all the gfx- and music slaves
               in a 2 week day- at night madness, creating megs of code, gfx and
               music. - So what happend since? Simply, nothing ! -
	       Two weeks later - at Asm '94 - that turned out to be no
               good as we saw dazzling - asthonishing - 4KB intros and megademos
               showing quite remarcable things.  Binary slave was in the very
               nick of time in preventing me as I had the intension of erasing
               all demo-code, as we haddend slept for 3 days trying to kill those DSMI
               bugs that hauted my code.
               As we tortured Otto Chrons at the party place to obtain a bug-fixed DSMI
               update we saw Tasmaniac getting depressed seeing the 4KB intro's in which
               he also participated.
               Our gfx man (Wolfje) got into a trouble with some -=KONE=- dudes
               who played random noise at the most odd moments. Bouth coders got into a
               coma when suddenly sunday about 3am "MELTDOWN" appeared on the big screen.
               We where relieved as the demo suddenly crashed, like somemany others ...

               Nevertheless we had a greate time there in Helsinki, addicted to Coke,
               Pizza's, Assembler and those nasty Blondes!
               No more rooms left to sleep led us to share a room with those CIA-guys (thx).
               They staid for about another 10 days there, I wonder if they're still alive.
               After the party Pointer and Wolfje where doomed, staying awake for about 72 hours,
               turned them in to living zombies, they did the strangest things!
               So that was it, Cya next year !

	       We are proud to present a Belgian demo that made it to the
               big screen in Finland, altough everyone - inc I -
               knew that was ANOTHER organizers delerium.

					HALL9000 can be reached on
					Maertens Frederik
					050/35.13.47 BELGIUM BRUGES
       ╘═════───────.∙.∙.                                             .─┘
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