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Flashback by Imago

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   I M A G O
   P R E S E N T S
   the hcRender 3D engine coded by hC
   the Midas Sound System developed by HouseMarque inc.
   the FlashBack Theme composed by hC

   joined together to bring you a flashback at the painless compo 1997

   recommended to Pentium 100Mhz/UltraSound/+8mb systems

   A B O U T
   T H I S  P R O D U C T I O N

   -written by hC/imago-

   This demo is the first real Imago release, although it's an one
   member production.

   It was entered at the Painless Compo 1997, organized throught
   the web on January 1998 by Starf0x/theEnd.

   This demo won the first place.

   'FlashBack' was created in about 3 weeks of hard work.  There was
   a couple of old routines and some  crap music. My  3d engine  was
   still buggy and pretty unfinished but there was no time for major
   improvements nor optimizations. 

   The name was taken from my old routines directory. :)

   I must greet some people who helped me a lot with this demo:

   - Alvares: Thanks for beta-testing and commenting it. GUS 4ever!
   - Dj Fly: You're lazy, but your object was perfect :)
   - Smile: Thanks for your support. I hope I could use your music
   on my next demo :)
   - Starf0x: What can I say? Thank you :)
   - Lady_Lethal: When will you sing again?
   - Wawa/N0thing & Ice/N0thing: Obrigado :)
   - Guimarez: Space Invaders!!
   - Tyrannossaurus: OH! OH! :)

   And some special greetings to Sahara Surfers for developing Midas
   and to the Avalon Database crew. Flashback would look more cubic
   without their support :)
   W E
   R E S P E C T

   Nothing Mingo Unknown Darkness theEnd Uniq Acme Xtatic Satire Tpolm
   Pulse Kosmic Orange CNCD Complex Imphobia CrazyCreations Hornet INF
   Tlotb Incognita Iguana #coders #pixel #demos #demobr #trax and you.

   W E
   N E E D

   A graphix man
   A musician
   A new Ultrasound developer ;)

   K N O W
   I M A G O

   the musicians Smile and WordMacro
   the coders hC and Thunder
   the webmasters Guimarez and Gui

   M E E T
   I M A G O

   irc.brasirc.net - #demobr

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