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m (win32)

win32 final version

it's still little unsynced but i still don't have time for this right now.
final version compiled and linked up at 17:35pm 9th apr 2002
the original dos version came 2nd at reboot99

i coded (ps.calodox.org)
attack did grfx (attack.planet-d.net
old tune from xhale (xhale.tpolm.org)

"When all creatures die
I will remember you for what you did
And ignore what you have forgived
When the white light shines the sky
And all the creatures die..."
                ps (10:50am 25/12/99)

oh yes and thank you to markus pasula couz of jeepcx for the dos version.
i had forgotten to state that fact back on 99 =)
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