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RottoprojoXL by JAC! [web]

>>> RottoprojoXL - Players and Missles Dot Cube in 254 bytes <<<

(c) 2011-05-23 by JAC! of WUDSN

I coded this one to prove that I'am absolute bad in many things...
... design, graphics, sound, cooking, ...
... but hell I do know size coding on Atari ;-)

Based on the awesome code by Skate / Plush. Man you rule!
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When I first saw Skate's prod I simply could not believe it.
He did in 256 bytes what I had always planned for 512, one day, maybe.
Later he posted the following and then I could not stop my synapses anymore.

I'll give you a nice example on how multiplatform 128b/256b or any similar
size competition doesn't make sense at all.
Here is my recently releases c64 256b (254 actually) cube rotation effect:
And here is the Atari 800 XL/XE port:
Both machines are 6502 based and core code is exactly the same.
But because of the c64 and atari sprite structure differences 
actually sprites are called players & missiles on Atari platform)
Atari version is 384 bytes at the moment. It can be optimized but
i don't think i will ever be able to reach 256 bytes.
I'll try using graphic modes but i don't think it will help so much.

For three days I could not stop arranging the bytes in my head.
Over and over again. Now I'm released from this pain. Phew.

This version also has some "sound", "sync" and "colors" and I kept 
the original file size despite of my lovely 6 bytes Heather.
With the optimizations contained here, the core of the computation
is down to 170 bytes. So a C64 version would be much smaller
but I'm preparing something that will beat it anyway ;-)

Created using WUDSN IDE, visit http://www.wudsn.com for more.
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