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Gimme A Break (KFMTV1) by Kosmic Free Music Foundation [web]

 KOSMIC MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE #1                                     Oct 1996

  Music: Bert
  Code: jmX
  Art: Maelcum/jmX

    Hi, jmX here. This is my first KOSMIC program release. I just felt too
    inactive in kosmic, so I decided to get with a musician and code a
    little trippy thing - here it is.  Its an awesome happy/hardcore tune
    by Bert and some psycho effects and NO THREE-D! YES! NO 3D. :>

    I hope you like it, I worked on it for 3 days. Its about 4,000 lines of
    asm and 2,000 of pascal.  Oh, by the way, you gotta run setup.exe first.

  System Requirements
    - Pentium (It'll work on a 486, but don't bitch to me about the speed)
    - 600k low memory
    - Sound card
    - Huge monitor in a very dark room :)
    - DOS (will FREEZE win31/win95)

  Contact Info
   jmX:    jmX@ix.netcom.com
   Bert:   see the song (its way too long to type :)
   WWW:    www.kosmic.com -AND/OR- www.kosmic.org

  Words of Wisdom
   If you guys would like more of these musical-video releases, be sure to
   tell us - at least tell me. Meanwhile, keep checking the KOSMIC WWW
   headquarters for more great releases.

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