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Borax by Scarab Corpse [web]

A freshly squeezed Scarab Corpse production

Code:		Cloaked Alien
Music:		Altemark (Guest appearance)
Graphics:	Krayz (Guest appearance)

Done for Birdie 12 in Uppsala/Sweden, March 39 - April 1

	def_base	- for helping Cloaked Alien finding a useable mp3 codec
	sulphur		- because Krayz said so...
	Ozone		- Our whatever our "competitors" choose as a name
	and the rest of you #coders-lot, yada, yada, bla, bla.

And for those of you who don't get it Borax is a mineral used in a variety
of areas. The theme here is alien races fighting eachother to control it. The
part with the ships is actually a Borax freighter being sneaked upon and shot

I need some sleep...
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