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DUCK.3JS.2K by Knox [web]

DUCK.3JS.2K by Knox / a_chevallier [at] yahoo [dot] com          [23/01/2011]
Original version by Wurst (http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=52413)

Tested on Firefox 3.6, Chrome 8, Opera 10, Safari 5. Don't bother trying this
in Internet Explorer.

+ Re-encoding of the duck model,  using triangle strips  while preserving the
  order of the vertices.

  The raw 8-bit model data is now 1162 bytes long.

+ Size-optimization of  some parts of  the Javascript code.  Re-write of some
  other parts to make them more "deflate-friendly". Added the triangle strips
  The updated JS is now 1503 bytes once minified.

+ Both the JS code and the model data are packed into a deflate string as the
  IDAT chunk of a grayscale PNG file.  The duck model is  compressed to about
  78% and the JS code to 50%.  The  final deflate string is  1709 bytes long,
  which expands to 1766 bytes with the additional PNG file data.

+ Finally, added a small loader of 279 bytes for a final size of 1766 + 279 =
  2045 bytes. The same <canvas> is used for decoding and drawing.
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