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neverload 1.0 by Patisoners

NEVERLOAD (program that is impossible to load normally)
Poke's contribution to the most useless code compo 
on the JHcon2010 ZX party.

How to load, start & enjoy NEVERLOAD?
1) Reset your Speccy.
2) Type: 
   where ZX can be any of two characters.
3) Press play on the tape with NEVERLOAD.
4) Wait until header is loaded from the tape.
5) Don't expect any info on display, 
   remember that you are loading NEVERLOAD. :)
6) Press break 'cause the loading is finished now.
7) Type:
	PRINT USR 23780
   and enjoy spectacular effects. :)

Technical info:
Whole program fits to the 17 bytes of the
standard zx tape header. ZX ROM load routine
must always load header content before the
info can be displayed. 
This trick is used on NEVERLOAD. ;)


21.11.2010 22:56
Made on Psion netBook. ;-)
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