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SVENTURE by Paradox [web]

  Pozdrawiena do Gdanska.
  for SillyVenture 2010
  by Paradox
  Nothing special but made with love for the man behind the
  SillyVenture 2010, Grey of Mystic Bytes.
  Hope you're having fun and kudos to everyone involved in
  the only Atari only party since Outline 2005!
  Atari STE with 2MB RAM - Sorry, no time to reorganize all
  the data buffers so for now, it's 2MB or 4MB machines only!
  Atari MegaSTE at 8 or 16MHz with 2MB RAM or Atari Falcon030
  with 4MB RAM and either VGA or RGB monitor connected.
  Tested on these two machines.
  Soundtrack:                 505
  Replay and maxYMum support: gwEm
  Graphics:                   Dan
  Graphics support:           Zweckform
  Font:                       Dan (based on Cosmic Jam demo)
  R/G TrueColour Algorithm:   RA  (who also coded the converter)
  Code:                       The Paranoid
  Enjoy SillyVenture, have a nice christmas season, a good start
  into 2011 and meet you all a next time on your favourite 
  computer system: Atari STE.
  The Paranoid
  Alive on a dead machine - That's Paradox!
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