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The Mandlebot Project Artifact #1 (aka Jeffery)

Mandelbulb Project Artifact 1 (aka Jeffery)

This was an attempt at a 256 byte demo for Syntax 2010, which I started 
a week before the party - having not coded x86 asm for 15 years, and having
never coded FPU asm at all.  So yeah, I didn't really understand what I was
getting myself into.  But still, I'm pretty dissapointed that it didn't get
quite down to 256b for the party - this was, in fact, completed a couple of
days later.  

In any case, I was going to not compete with it at all, and leave it for beach
party, but it was pointed out to me that shit's illegal.  Honestly, it's pretty
terrible, but like I said, this is my first try - maybe one day I will reach
the lofty heights of the rest of the scene.  At least, maybe I'll laern to use

I included the original source/binary so you can see the difference.  There is
one algorythmic comprimise that I thought was a good idea at 4am, which is that
I changed the limit from 16 to 8, because I already had 8 in bx, but not 16.
This saved 2 bytes :).

The actual effect itself is a pretty naieve implemntation of a mandelbulb 
renderer.  The most expensive part of the code is actually the rotation
matrix stuff, sadly - i hear there is a faster way to do this, but damned if 
I know what that way is.....

Also better bounding on the speed.  Your milage will vary heavily.  But that's
what happens when you partycode...

Email me at jaymz@ninjit.su or duck@chickenandduck.net - I'm curious to hear if
people enjoyed this, or if they think it's the worst thing in the world.
Alternatly, break my daily work monotony with msn/gtak at

Source is included for those who are curious.  The final will almost certantly 
include better colour, and be slightly faster.

Respect to everyone I've ever met in the scene.  I love you all.

 	-- A Life in Hell/Warriors of the Wasteland/Unreal

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