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U maleho glena by Headcrash [web]

     __u malŠho glena

     fast made demo in 2oo2 by headcrash
     released at mekka & symposium 2oo2

     code by styx et al
     music "lota" by nrth (track released at iradium '01)


     "u malŠho glena" actually is a (jazz)-bar in praha. this is no
     official advertisement or commercial piece of code, just a tribute
     to the nice hours I had there with my class in may 2oo1. nrth's
     track made me remember about the time in praha and inspired me in
     all aspects of this demo.


     for the usual comments/flames/bugreports/whatever
     demo uses bass and upx, thanx to the respective authors
     www.head-crash.de for elkpower at its best


     some more or less fast pc
     opengl 1.1+
     geforce class 3d accelerator with 16mb+ recommended
     also tested on rage128, any other might work as well...tell us


     u malŠho glena
     karmelitsk… 23
     praha 1 - mal… strana
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