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the surge by mfx [web]

mfx commercial crap posse presents:

"the surge"

a tranceclub demo for mekka/symposium 2002


a linux.
an openGL enabled graphics card with like 32 megs of memory.
a soundcard is nice too
sdl-1.2.3 might come in handy and libvorbis is also used but however statically linked..
when compiling by yourself you'll need a lot of other crap too, including your favourite text editor to fix source.


216: code, modelling, design
uncle-x: music, design, gfx, code
little bitchard: music
manticore: gfx
synteesi: gfx
nosfe: video
dead meat: video
internet: some gfx


216: jwuolijo@cs.helsinki.fi
uncle-x: naleskin@cs.helsinki.fi
little bitchard: arto.koivisto@genera.fi
manticore: apaarni@urova.fi
synteesi: linja@welho.com
nosfe: pirtola@cs.helsinki.fi
dead meat: lauri.nieminen@ascom.com
internet: http://themfx.cjb.net/


kooma, haujobb, farb-rausch, spinning kids, kewlers, komplex, damage, 
damones, retro a-c, unique, calodox, exceed, dekadence, phn, mass and 
all the rest...


satori, flo and everyone who are the real playahz.

group news (now this is different):

* roi blask finally told us to put his handle to the infofiles as
  mel funktion. Also big thanks to him for letting uncle-x and 
  little bitchard invade his flat for hours to finalize the tune.

* toukka joined on 19.3.2002 at 6:18 am. Her function in the group
  will be known when she's old enough to speak (unless she learns
  to code or track before that). 


if this demo won the compo at mekka, we will retire...
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