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BINARY by Mulder


You play a space station employee who is the last to leave during an evacuation from the space station.  You get your gear, go to the landing deck and realise you've lost the launch code for your mini-shuttle.  You need to hunt down and collect the 5 parts of the binary code.  Watch out for the space stations cargo droids which have malfunctioned and caused the evacuation, they can kill you if touched.  Normally, they just collect incoming supplies to the station and put it into storage, but they have started to flail around wildly and unpredictably causing a lot of danger to the crew.  They occasionally drop some supply crates if shot, which can be collected for extra points.  Some of the security systems employed in the space station can also be hazardous, such as the spikes which you must jump over and the acid baths which have been known to leak and cause a lot of damage.  These security systems would normally only be employed if an intruder was found to be wandering the space station, but they have been put into action to protect the station from space pirates whilst the crew are evacuated.  Once all the parts are found, return to your shuttle to win the game.


To control the main character in the game, use the keys OPQA and M.  O and P are left and right, Q and A are up and down.  M is fire.

Thanks to Jonathan Cauldwell for making AGD and thus making this game possible!  Also thanks to Mister Beep for the beeper tune and Pavero, Binman and Tom-Cat for helping out with some pokes that made the game slightly better.
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