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disco volante by Eufrosyne

eufrosyne hits with their first production called disco volante released at
juhla pi 19-21.1.1996 iisalami finland.

system requirements: 386, vga and gus/nosound.

xt   - code, player
fuss - code, effects, graphics
dr. voice - music

group greets:
panic (c64), destruction (amiga),
cp, xes, abua, mass, byterapers,
five coders, interamnia, haalarit dzn.

personal greets:
keksi, rommel, kraku, pacman, vissy,
anders, puhelin, betacarotene, d-imon,
diezel, pallo, aod, lord puke, reeti,
trinity, sam, spastic, mare, primon,
mov, juuso, halunalle and everyone at
juhla ã, especially organizers.

*** signoff: eufrosyne (fakjuu)

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