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Realtime ASCII 2 by Zaiebani [web]

                             Realtime ASCII 2

                        A Za‹eban‹ production 2001

                Realtime ASCII (tm) engine by Brains [Za‹]

                    Code by Brains [Za‹] & Patton [Za‹]

                     Raytrace by Brains [Za‹] & Spooky

                         Music by C-Quence [Gods]

DOS: rtascii2.exe (nosound)
WIN: Start.pif

Correct behavior means 50 fps.

Originaly, demo was made for DOS with soundblaster compatibile
cards but produced errors on computers newer than Pentium 1.

Sound stripped version (rtascii2.exe) is purely DOS executable.

Wrapper executable (Start.exe) is a Windows exe made to play
the music and then launch rtascii2.exe. Start.pif is a schortcut to
make it run in fullscreen.

Best viewed on Win95/98 (fullscreen). Can be run on older
WinXP machines (AMD Durons and Athlons) but XP behaviour is
unpredictable (on some machines it works fine, on others not)

Win7 not tested. Does not work well under DosBOX, but works fine on a
VMWare Win 98SE. Not tested on Vine for Linux.
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