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And then by Skrju [web]

And then
skrju - 2010 ¶ sq, nq, kq

 ...And then I fell asleep 
and saw that everything was so beautiful around me. 
There were no problems and haste, 
just the singing of birds, chilly breeze and hot sunshine. 
The trees were rustled 
and I felt calm and serene as never before. 
I thought only about how good is there. 
I wanted all this to stay forever. 
I had nowhere to rush and nothing to do. 
Everything ceased to exist for me. 
I sighed and opened my eyes...

win32 opengl demo
somehow geforce 6+ or ati analog is required

big thanks to Ized/Quite and elfh/inward

we greet quite, inward, tbk+4d, cpu, triumph, hds, simbols, 
eye-q, n-discovery, mayhem, zeroteam, hooy-program, raww arse, 
ate bit, sands, t-rex, throb, demarche, 7dump, scrimers, 
kewlers, tpolm, asd, fairlight, still, traction and replay
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