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Ikadalawampu by Loonies [web]


  present at

Breakpoint 2010 - Like there is no tomorrow

the conclusion of a series of Amiga 4k intros


(or Ika-20 for short)

Synth, tool, code, modelling: Blueberry
Music, direction: Maytz

An AGA Amiga with 32MB fastram
68060 strongly recommended

The contents of this intro were modelled
and scripted using the same 4k intro tool
which was used for several PC 4k intros
(Candystall, Atrium, Solskool, ...) with
a special rendering engine crafted to
match the rendering in the intro.  The
tool emits bytecodes for expressions and
matrix operations, which are interpreted
at runtime by an interpreter embedded in
the intro.

The visuals consist of smooth particles
drawn with affine transformations defined
by the script code.  The idea for the
technique originated from a discussion on
efficient additive blending on the Amiga
Demoscene Archive forum.  The saturation
code for the blending is split between
the rendering and the C2P.

The music uses the same softsynth as used
in Luminagia (and several PC 4k intros as

Thanks to Charlie for being such a
friendly and constructive Amiga compo

But where was Ephidrenas 4k? ;)
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